Every Mothers Nightmare - Abertillery in Mourning

On February 5th 1921 eight-year-old Freda Burnell vanished after being sent on an errand to a local seed store. Her body was found the following morning in a lane a short distance from her home in Earl Street Abertillery, South Wales. She had been murdered. Harold Jones the fifteen-year-old seed store assistant was charged with her murder, but after a trial that ended on 23rd June 1921 Jones was acquitted and was treated like a hero. He was welcomed back to the town of Abertillery with thousands of his supporters lining the streets with a brass band playing and he was reportedly given a gold watch for all the trouble he had been put through. Sixteen days later Jones murdered eleven-year-old Florence Little in his own house at Darran Road Abertillery, hiding the body in his attic. He was charged with her murder, found guilty and was jailed for twenty years. On his release from prison in 1941 during the turmoil of World War Two, he went off the police radar living in Fulham, Putney and Hammersmith using a variety of different aliases.

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